HBCER Educational Series

Leave with a new way of thinking that you can implement in your life immediately.

Dr. Donna Skerry, DC – Stress Free For One Night
Dr. Donna‘s passion for people started at an early age when. as a child. she was made responsible for caring for her brother. especially during all his illnesses and hospitalizations. That feeling of responsibility for him gave birth to her mission for helping people to get healthier physically. nutritionally and emotionally. Now, because she considers all aspects in evaluating her clients. she is known as “The WhyDoctor.“
As a young military wife and registered nurse. she worked with developmentally- challenged children in Alaska. At the same time. she learned from Native Americans the Alaskan wisdom of natural healing. Later, traveling as a military family, she continued her education at Central State University. which is a nationally-recognized African American university. Here she received an MA in Health Administration with a focus on health problem prevention.
While located in New York State. she coordinated a state-wide social program to prevent driving under the influence. focusing on prevention In the schools and in the community. This really educated her on how addiction works. Now as a chiropractor practicing in Pennsylvania. she not only treats the physical. but also provides nutritional and emotional therapy. This approach to health results in feeling good. from the inside out. “I passionately persist to make life and health better for everyone. Healthy people are passionate. and reach out to others. I‘m here to help!”

Reducing Stress and Living a Stress-Free Lifestyle.
Participants will learn about the Triangle of Health (Structure, Nutrition, Mental/Emotional). We will cover topics like Quantum Neurology, Applied Kinesiology, Brain Tap, using the AlfaScan, Traditional Chiropractic. We will test HRV (Heart Rate Variability) the gold standard in the world of medicine for testing capacity and resilience, the ability to handle stress.
How stressed are you?
What is the source of your stress?
How you can balance your stress?
How you can extend your life and quality of life.
Tom Heath
Dr. Heath has been providing a unique combination of natural health care, balancing the the structural, nutritional, and emotional aspects of health for 34 years.
He travels the nation to stay on the cutting edge of health and nutritional education to bring the best to you and your family. Patients travel from around the planet to restore their health and wellbeing. He is married to Dr. Darlene Heath. They have 5 children and 5 grandchildren. His father, sister-in-law and grandfather are chiropractors. Their two youngest sons are in college to become chiropractors

Live Blood Cell demonstration with 1 drop of blood at 1000 magnification, performing a nutritional analysis
This test is from Germany in the late 1930’s per the studies of Dr Enderlein. One will see the size and shape of living red blood cells, white blood cells all magnified 1000 times. An analysis may show digestive disorders, free radical damage, liver stress, microscopic clots, circulatory blockers, toxicity and various forms of parasite activity. This is an educational informative look into ones’ health and the opportunity to make changes to improve one’s health by changing lifestyle patterns, food choices, stressors or adding supplementation which may include vitamins, minerals, enzymes and/or probiotics
Cheryl Forsyth
BS in Biology from Geneva College. Registered Nurse Diploma from Newton Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing. Critical Care Nurse in Massachusetts, Florida and Pennsylvania 33 years. Surgical ICU, Trauma and Open Heart Surgery. Certified Microscopist for 23 years. Mother of 3 children. And a Navy Wife.

November 2018 HBCER Educational Series Altoona

Erin Gattuso is a Naturopathic Doctor who recently relocated from San Diego, CA to Lancaster County. She is working with Ella McElwee in Manheim, PA In San Diego she worked for a pediatric geneticist who trusted her with his sickest patients that had been failed by...