Welcome Erin Gattuso, ND

Dr. Erin Gattuso

    Health By Choice at Weavers has been an established natural wellness facility in Manheim, PA for over 40 years. Founder, Ella McElwee has provided the community with natural medicine far before ‘holistic’ was considered trendy. Health By Choice is happy to announce that they have hired Dr. Erin Gattuso to the Manheim office full time. Dr. Erin recently moved from San Diego where she had a Pediatric Naturopathic Clinic and worked very closely with Medical and Osteopathic doctors to provide Integrative medicine. She also sees women of all ages for hormonal or digestive complaints. “I tend to see the patients that have fallen through the cracks of conventional medicine. Unfortunately, kids are sicker today than they were even 20 years ago. If you ask a 6th grader about their friends, they are able to list the diagnoses and food restrictions of their classmates. When I was younger, I don’t remember any of my friends having diagnoses. Unfortunately, this rise in childhood conditions rarely has a single pill fix. It usually requires addressing the person holistically which is why naturopathic medicine is usually very successful.” Naturopathic Doctors attend a 4 year medical program and require a pre-med bachelor’s degree. In 21 states they are licensed at primary care practitioners, PA is still waiting on licensure. NDs are trained in the standard of care but instead of pharmaceuticals they use a combination of botanical, structural, homeopathic, diet, vitamins and mind-body techniques. “Depending on the case, if someone comes to me with chronic abdominal pain, I’ll first make sure they have seen a Gastroenterologist to make sure nothing life threatening is happening then I’ll order a detailed stool and parasite test, do something called visceral manipulation which is where I assess the organs and connective tissue through palpation and then I’ll give some dietary and supplement advice. If I feel it’s necessary, I’ll also walk them through a specific type of meditation to assess whether an emotional aspect is contributing to their pain. Very often it tends to be combination everything; microbiome, physical restrictions in the digestive tract and an emotional component. This kind of patient requires addressing all aspects to provide full care.” I am happy to be at Health By Choice because there are very few practitioners like Ella, it is an honor to learn from her. I have received the highest level of education possible in regards to alternative medicine and have traveled the world to learn from experts in herbalism and homeopathy yet, at the end of the day, you still learn the most from people who have been practicing the longest. Dr. Erin is accepting new patients at: Health By Choice at Weaver’s 15 Market Sq. Manheim, PA 17545 717-665-6871