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By Maury Streiff

Healthy Soil, Animals, Plants and People.

Not so long ago we received all of our nourishment and medicine came from the earth, either through cultivation or as hunter gatherers. Today, half of the world population still uses plant derived remedies, and plants still provide ingredients for much of our traditional medicines.

Earth medicine refers to any plant cultivated or wild harvested from the forest or ocean. It could also be minerals such as clays, silica, calcium etc. used for healing.

Earth food refers to any plant that is consumed for energy, cultivated or harvested from the forest or the ocean and could include culinary herbs and spices.

Foods and medicines often utilize the same materials, but how it is prepared and/or the volume consumed makes the distinction. Earth medicine is usually consumed in small quantities and is used to heal, aid in digestion or to balance terrain. Earth food is usually consumed in larger quantities and is used to provide energy for activity and to rebuild cells.

To have quality medicine or food we must start with quality raw materials. Corporate science today is more interested in standardization than in top quality and seems more preoccupied with volume of material produced.

In the early 1900’s humus levels on most of our growing areas was over 6 % and most of our food was grown without the use of fertilizer. Today we are less than 2% humus and the use of chemical fertilizers at an all time high. The quality of the crops we grow are directly related to the soils they are grown in. Plants are Bio-chemical Electrical Generators that interact with the Universe to produce energy materials that we can use to maintain life.

The dynamics for life hinge on the Electrical and Magnetic properties of the environment to which life is exposed. It is therefore the ENERGY of the PLANT that provides the food energy or the healing quality. If we are wild crafting, it is up to us to pick the highest quality materials for our purpose and not to over-harvest our resources.

When we are growing a crop, we are the stewards that must take charge of the grow systems and must insure that all the necessary constituents are in place. Available nutrients may be lacking in some soils but there is a store of nutrients in most soils that are more than adequate to grow any plant. Sand is an exception. Active, functioning organisms must be present to move nutrient from one pool to the next. We must assay what microbes have been killed off by fertilizers and pesticides in our growing areas. This information will allow us to replace what is lost or missing from our soils. Our health is directly related to the soils our food and medicines are grown in.

Healthy soils, healthy animals, healthy, plants and healthy people.


Maury Streiff, Founder.

Soil Regeneration Group