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Part 1:
Live Blood Cell demonstration with 1 drop of blood at 1000 magnification, performing a nutritional analysis
This test is from Germany in the late 1930’s per the studies of Dr Enderlein. One will see the size and shape of living red blood cells, white blood cells all magnified 1000 times. An analysis may show digestive disorders, free radical damage, liver stress, microscopic clots, circulatory blockers, toxicity and various forms of parasite activity. This is an educational informative look into ones’ health and the opportunity to make changes to improve one’s health by changing lifestyle patterns, food choices, stressors or adding supplementation which may include vitamins, minerals, enzymes and/or probiotics
Cheryl Forsyth
BS in Biology from Geneva College. Registered Nurse Diploma from Newton Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing. Critical Care Nurse in Massachusetts, Florida and Pennsylvania 33 years. Surgical ICU, Trauma and Open Heart Surgery. Certified Microscopist for 23 years. Mother of 3 children. And a Navy Wife.