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Dr. Ella McElwee Strategies and Habits to Enhance Concentration We will talk about the recent book by Dale Bredesen MD. The first program to PREVENT and REVERSE Cognitive Decline! Have you completed your Brain Span test? www.BrainSpan.com What is your Memory Capacity? Sustained Attention? Cognitive Flexibility? And Processing Speed? What is Cell Inflammation? Cell ToxIcity? Come and learn HOW to FEED your MIND! Dr. Erin Gattuso Fasting can be a powerful catalyst to shift the body into a healing mode. In this talk, we will be exploring the physiology of the body while in a fasting state and the resulting health benefits. We will also be discussing the recent research in fasting and its potential as a treatment modality for certain conditions. Improvements are seen in a broad spectrum of disorders including hypertension, diabetes, obesity and autoimmune conditions. Erin Gattuso is a naturopathic doctor passionate about helping children and their families find safe, natural and effective solutions to their healthcare needs. She received her bachelors of science from the university of Pittsburgh with minors in neuroscience and chemistry. She received her 4 year naturopathic doctorial degree from Bastyr University California. Erin has received training in functional neurology from Robert Mellillo and the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation. She also has extensive training in Cranial Sacral Therapy from the Upledger Institute and visceral manipulation from the Barral Institute.