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Join Dr. Steve McNeal, DC, for an eye-opening presentation on one of the most prevalent health issues in the United States: Parasites. Through his many years of experience, he has found that parasites are a common, underlying issue in recurring, chronic illnesses such as hypothyroid, Lyme disease, and chronic coughing, to name just a few. Easy to miss in routine tests, and often causing symptoms that are difficult to diagnose, Dr. Steve will discuss how they are able to go undetected and what we can do to prevent them. 1.

Parasites are a common underlying issue in many chronic diseases 2. Parasites are difficult to diagnose because they are missed in routine tests 3. Parasites can impair brain function 4. Parasites impair digestive function Steve has 26 years of experience as a chiropractor using adjustments, Applied Kinesiology, nutrition, and functional exercise to help the body return to proper function. His background includes 35 years of yoga as well as soil regenerative gardening and whole food cooking.