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Reducing Stress and Living a Stress-Free Lifestyle.
Participants will learn about the Triangle of Health (Structure, Nutrition, Mental/Emotional). We will cover topics like Quantum Neurology, Applied Kinesiology, Brain Tap, using the AlfaScan, Traditional Chiropractic. We will test HRV (Heart Rate Variability) the gold standard in the world of medicine for testing capacity and resilience, the ability to handle stress.
How stressed are you?
What is the source of your stress?
How you can balance your stress?
How you can extend your life and quality of life.
Tom Heath
Dr. Heath has been providing a unique combination of natural health care, balancing the the structural, nutritional, and emotional aspects of health for 34 years.
He travels the nation to stay on the cutting edge of health and nutritional education to bring the best to you and your family. Patients travel from around the planet to restore their health and wellbeing. He is married to Dr. Darlene Heath. They have 5 children and 5 grandchildren. His father, sister-in-law and grandfather are chiropractors. Their two youngest sons are in college to become chiropractors