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Erin Gattuso, ND

Erin Gattuso is a Naturopathic Doctor who recently relocated from San Diego, CA to Lancaster County. She is working with Ella McElwee in Manheim, PA

In San Diego she worked for a pediatric geneticist who trusted her with his sickest patients that had been failed by conventional medicine.

Dr. Gattuso has worked extensively with women and children for a variety of complaints, ranging from Infant Colic to women in menopause.

She received her bachelors of science from the University of Pittsburgh with the focuses of neuroscience and chemistry. She received her 4 year naturopathic doctoral degree from Bastyr University California.

Erin has received training in functional neurology from Robert Mellillo and the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation. She also has extensive training in Cranial Sacral Therapy from the Upledger Institute and visceral manipulation from the Barral Institute.

She uses a combination of herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, genetic information, blood tests, brain exercises (functional neurology). She also does Cranial Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation.

Herbal Medicines- Botanical Medicines are God’s gift to us. He gives us these little packages of everything we need for our health. They are intelligent medicines meaning that they communicate with the body to give it what it really needs. Herbs help regulate the body, pharmaceuticals force the body to either turn down or turn up the natural response.

Genetic Evaluation- This can be very helpful to understand the unique way an individual breaks down supplements, pharmaceuticals, hormones and toxins.

Cranial Sacral Therapy- Assesses how well the nervous system is communicating with itself, from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head. It mainly addresses the cerebral spinal fluid in the brain as well as the fascial system throughout the entire body. This is a hands-on therapy.

Visceral Manipulation- Assesses at the individual organs in the abdomen to assess how each of them work functioning. This is a hands-on therapy.



Abigail Peace

Abigail Peace – In-Tune Mental Health LLC
Abigail is a Board Certified – Music Therapist with a Master’s Degree in Music Therapy, from Immaculata University in West Chester Pa – she is also a Licensed Professional Counselor.
“I am a wife and mother of 2 sons aged 22 and 20. I’ve been working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum since 2004. I draw from my training as well as personal experience with family members on the Autism Spectrum, which informs my approach in treatment. I am in private practice at In-Tune Mental Health LLC located in the Frankstown area of Hollidaysburg.”
Program Description: We will be examining views of individuals who self-identify as Autistic, and learning about the growing concept of Neuro Tribes. We will focus on the gifts associated with being “on the spectrum,” as well as the difficulties. And we will identify areas of society that create the most barriers for people living with Autism and discuss ways of educating and reducing those barriers including law enforcement, colleges and the general public’s understanding of people who are neurologically different from the mainstream.