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Our goal is a future facility providing Patient Centered Integrative Healthcare

Our vision is to build a facility so that we can help people achieve personal wellness, provide vital information and training to members of the medical profession, and advance the scientific study of natural wellness.

Future of Holistic Health Care

Building on the success of the Health By Choice model of natural medicine, the new Healthy By Choice Education and Research Center will bring the best of Western and natural medicine together to help people live healthier lives. In addition to all of the current Health By Choice services, the new 20,000 square foot facility will also allow Ella and certified clinical practitioners to:


  • Research and validate natural health approaches scientifically and publish their results
  • Offer cottages for guests who are receiving treatment, attending educational programs, or visiting on a retreat
  • Bring all the healing arts to one place, adding modalities such as natural dentists, midwives, and physical therapists
  • Take on interns and graduate students to begin integrating the best of both the medical and natural health communities
  • Add educational programs on gardening, cooking and soil replenishment
  • Broadcast guest lectures worldwide using a high-tech conference center
  • Process test results on site using a next-level certification lab