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What is Integrative Healthcare?

When we speak of Integrative Healthcare (IH), what we are referring to is a system that centers on what is appropriate, and truly needed, for the patient.  This can include any form of conventional medicine (what we recognize as the current medical model practiced in hospitals and clinics) to therapies that fall under “alternative” and natural methods. On the continuum of health we have a very wide spectrum of issues that begin with acute, chronic, and life-threatening disease or injury, to simple maintenance of a currently vibrant and healthy state of wellness.

At the heart of IH lies is the growing concern among patients, physicians, and practitioners alike, that too much time is spent managing disease and not enough time is spent listening to patient concerns.

IH provides the opportunity for patients to partner with their caregiver in a therapeutic environment, which also empowers them to take charge of their health in ways that ensure long-term success.  They get to define what wellness means for them, and we, as caregivers, consider all options available to provide the support they need in achieving that goal.