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Everyone has heard the phrase “you are what you eat.”  If you take pause and reflect on what this phrase means, it can help you make smarter nutritional choices, without needing to make changes that leave your stomach growling and your energy lacking.

To start, we want to share two of the biggest nutritional mistakes most people tend to make:

1) Eating too little

2) Eating processed low-fat foods

Yes, it is possible to eat too little.  When you deprive your body of calories it requires, your body will NOT burn fuel properly, and that translates into stored fat.  Determining the correct calorie intake for your body depends on whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain it.  Many calorie calculators may be found online, or you can consult your wellness professional.

In today’s modern world where convenience is “king,” we have too many processed foods. Eating low-fat foods isn’t always the answer.   More often than not, they are high in sugar, white flour, and salt. Not only are these foods lacking important nutritional value, they also contain harmful additives.  Additives are chemicals, and chemicals affect the body’s delicate endocrine system causing hormonal/chemical imbalance, which, in turn, causes excess toxicity and excess weight.

Buying locally grown farm fresh foods, rich in nutrients, is the first step toward a healthier you and maintaining a healthy weight.

When you go to the grocery store, the goal should be to purchase only “real foods.”  Think locally grown first.  If not locally grown, think organic plant-based foods and lean meats.  Avoid foods with ingredients that you do not understand (i.e., long scientific-sounding ones).

Make it a family affair.  Tell your children what you are planning to do and make it a game for them – they will rise to the challenge. We often do not give our children enough credit when it comes to knowing what they should or should not eat.  Although they need our direction, in the end they are proud of themselves when they feel they’ve helped us make better choices and accomplish our goals.

Making this real food experience a family event is beneficial for everyone!